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Social Security Disability in North Carolina

I never wanted to be on disability

When a person files for disability, it is usually as a last resort.  They cannot do their past job or any job.  They cannot help around the house, work in Asheville NC Social Security Officethe yard, or do any of the activities with their family that they used to do.  Many times, they cannot even take care of themselves.

One client stated “I never wanted to be on disability”, and most people feel this way.  However, if you cannot work, social security is there to provide you with income and medical insurance.  But even if you now deserve disability, getting approved can still be difficult.  Most people are denied on their first application (about 75%) in North Carolina.

Social Security should not be complex, but unfortunately it is.  The rules regarding your approval can vary depending on your age, your education, your past work history, and the nature of your illness.    As your attorney in the application and hearing process, Ruth Smith will be there for you:  collecting the evidence needed and advocating for you before, during, and after the hearing.

One question every client asks:  how do you get paid?  First, the law firm does not get paid anything if you do not win.  If you do win, the law firm is paid 25% of your back benefits (benefits from the date of your disability to the date of your approval), not to exceed $6,000.  These rates are the amounts approved by the social security administration for representation.

If you are thinking about applying for social security disability, Ruth Smith is available to talk with you.  When you are ready to hire an attorney, the Ruth Smith Law Firm will be here to help you with your case.