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Personal Injury and Disability Lawyer

Bad things sometimes happen to good people.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful as you, and that lack of attention can result in real harm to you and those you care about.  It’s not your Asheville car wreck caused severe personal injuriesfault.  Although the careless person wasn’t fair to you when you were hurt, it’s a law firm’s job to make sure they are fair to you now.

Ruth Smith has had the pleasure of serving hundreds of people across Western North Carolina who have had the misfortune of being injured by another’s carelessness.  Ruth Smith has gone up against insurance companies, big trucking companies, and corporations in and out of court across the Carolinas to make sure clients are treated fairly.

No one deserves to be hurt, lose wages, or be permanently disabled.  But when that happens, you do deserve to be treated with dignity, have your voice heard, and be helped out of the situation a careless person put you in.

If you or someone close to you has been in a serious accident, Ruth Smith would be glad to talk with you.  Talking to a lawyer can be hard for some people.  So, if you just want to talk on the phone, that’s fine.   If you want a lawyer to come see you, Ruth Smith can do that, too.  She believes that injured people have been through enough, and Ruth’s job is to make the process from here on out as worry free and comfortable as possible.

You won’t be charged a fee in most cases unless the case is resolved in your favor, and Ruth Smith Law never charges anything to talk.  So, if you think you need help, our firm is here to help.  And if we work on your case, we will continue to be here for you until your case is resolved.