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Motorcycle Wrecks or Injury Lawyer in Asheville NC

The mountains of western North Carolina are a wonderful place to ride motorcycles.  Beautiful scenery combined with fun-to-drive mountain roads make this area a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, the things which draw motorcyclists to our roads also contribute to more motorcycle accidents.  Curvy roads, distracting scenery, as well as a tendency to look for 4-wheel vehicles vsersus motorcycles all contribute to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle wrecks can cause catastrophic injuries

Motorcycle wrecks can be devastating for the motor cycle rider.  While a driver in a car is encased in steel, motorcyclists have nothing to protect them from the impact on the road and other objects.  Sometimes their own motorcycle will “chase” them in a wreck and sandwich them between the motorcycle and the object they strike.

The injuries can be catastrophic, and an injured person will need the assistance of an attorney experienced in motorcycle wrecks.  Ruth Smith has handled many of these cases, including death cases.  Ruth Smith fights for motorcycle riders both  in and out of court.

If you need a lawyer for your motorcycle wreck, all you need to do is call.  Ruth Smith is waiting to help you.