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Dog Attacks Attorney in Asheville

Dogs can be your best friend, but they can also be your worst nightmare.  Nothing can be more frightening than an attack by an aggressive dog.  Many times people are left with both physical and mental scars, unable to be around other dogs for years after a dog attack.

Dogs attack people of all ages and, often for no apparent reason.  Certain dogs are more likely to attack due to their breed. Asheville Dog Attacks Can Result in Serious Injuries

The law regarding dogs, and other animal attacks, can depend on several factors including: the breed of dog, whether the dog has shown aggression before, and whether any local ordinance requires the dog to be leashed.  Sometimes, a landlord can be legally liable for allowing a tenant to keep a dangerous dog.  Landlord Liability

If a dog attacks you or someone you know, Ruth Smith will be glad to listen to your story.  It doesn’t cost anything for an initial consultation.  If you need help in dealing with the dog owner or their insurance, Ruth Smith Law can assist with that too.  Contact us and we will be ready to help.