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NC Workers Compensation Rights Reduced by Republican Controlled Legislature

Workers compensation rights have been reduced in North Carolina.  After the November 2016 election, the NC Republican controlled legislature met to pass laws to reduce workers compensation rights. The purpose of calling this emergency session was to take advantage of the last two months of lame duck […]

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North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws Are in Danger

North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws are danger because of pressure from large companies to reduce their labor costs.  These large companies lobby states to become more business friendly.  The companies argue that the state should allow the companies to create their own worker’s compensation programs.  The loser […]

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NC Workers Compensation Attorneys Volunteer to Represent Sterilization Victims

History of NC Eugenics Board NC workers compensation attorneys have volunteered to help sterilization victims.  Between 1929 and 1974, NC engaged in a eugenics program as part of an effort to “improve” society.  In short, the state, through the NC Eugenics Board, encouraged and/ or forced the […]

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