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North Carolina HB 239: Politics in the Court of Appeals

North Carolina HB 239 North Carolina HB 239 is an effort by the North Carolina State Legislature to play politics with the North Carolina Court of Appeals.  The Court of Appeals is the intermediary appeals state court.  Since the N.C. Supreme Court can deny hearing cases, the last […]

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NC Workers Compensation Rights Reduced by Republican Controlled Legislature

Workers compensation rights have been reduced in North Carolina.  After the November 2016 election, the NC Republican controlled legislature met to pass laws to reduce workers compensation rights. The purpose of calling this emergency session was to take advantage of the last two months of lame duck […]

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Distracted Driving Nullifies Car Safety Features

Driver assist technology can go a long way to improving driver safety and reducing car wrecks.  However, cell phone technology has resulted in distracted driving.  Distracted driving is cancelling out any safety gains of driver assist technology. Airbags, improved passenger compartment strength, rear view cameras, and driver […]

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Pain Medication: New CDC Guidelines

Pain Medication Addiction: CDC Issues New Guidelines After a car wreck or other accident, people often suffer painful injuries.  In an effort to relieve their pain, accident victims will often visit their local hospital or family doctor.  These medical providers often prescribe the accident victim opioid pain […]

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Personal Injury Care: Caring for a CAM Boot

Personal Injury Care: Caring for a CAM Boot A CAM boot is a removable orthopedic device commonly used to treat sprains and fractures.  Persons who are injured in a car wreck, fall, or suffer other personal injuries are often provided CAM boots if they have a broken […]

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NC HB2 Law: Law Discriminates on More than Gender Identification

NC HB2 law has consequences beyond transgender bathrooms The N.C. General Assembly passed a new discrimination law, HB2, on March 23, 2016.  The media has focused on the HB2 law’s prohibition of transgendered persons from using bathrooms and other sex segregated facilities.  The HB2 law requires that […]

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North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws Are in Danger

North Carolina Workers Compensation Laws are danger because of pressure from large companies to reduce their labor costs.  These large companies lobby states to become more business friendly.  The companies argue that the state should allow the companies to create their own worker’s compensation programs.  The loser […]

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NC Cyberbullying Laws

North Carolina bullying laws apply to cyberbullying and to school boards. Bullying of minors has always been a problem. Most adults can recall name calling and playground fist fights when growing up. Before 1999 bullying was generally  resolved by the students themselves.  In the last fifteen years […]

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North Carolina Pit Bull Dog Owner Liability

North Carolina pit bull dog owners are responsible for knowing the aggressive tendencies of this breed of dog.  Dog adoption agencies and shelters do not always share this information with potential dog owners.  This article offers a cautionary example of deadly results that may result from adopting […]

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Statute Limitation Law in North Carolina

Statute limitation laws can prevent people from getting justice. Milk can go sour, eggs have a shelf life, and meat must be consumed by a date certain. What many people do not know is that justice also can have an expiration date, a statute limitation. A statute […]

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